Today I give thanks for …

Fuckwits. Without whom I’d have little to rant about.


Baisakhi. Pongal. Onam. Lohri. Basant Panchami. Gudi Padwa. Makar Sankranti.  The list goes on.

You know what these are (or at least, started out as)? Days to mark a harvest.

You know what other popular day started out as a harvest festival? Thanksgiving.

You know what’s really daft?  Indians – in India – suddenly going all doolally about Thanksgiving and listing all the bloody things they have to be thankful for, just because they saw it on Friends.  Despite already having over a dozen similar festivals to celebrate the same.  Apart from all the more than a dozen other festivals we celebrate anyway.

So what gives?  Is this just another sign of how the prevalence of Hollywood and hit US shows affects (or warps) other cultures, to the extent that they will start following customs that have absolutely nothing to do with their own? Or is it just another pointer of how desperate middle class, ‘Net-savvy, foreign-experienced Indians are, that they will slavishly follow rituals from a whole other continent simply to feel like they have something in common with a culture they think is better off than theirs?  Or is it just another excuse for Indians to have a party, demand a holiday and sell some overpriced goods, because that’s what we’re best at?

Wait.  It really doesn’t matter what the answer is. And no it doesn’t matter that Thanksgiving has grown beyond its origins, and why shouldn’t more people take a day out to celebrate what they’re lucky to have, regardless of where they are and where they come from.

Because the concept of a desi, who’s never been to the US or Canada or Germany or any country where they celebrate Thanksgiving, suddenly deciding to talk about turkeys and cranberries and making all these lists, just because they think it’s cool, all while sitting in Jalandhar or Malegaon or Coorg, is never going to be anything but bloody stupid.  They might as well start wearing Santa hats even though its 30C outside in December.  Oh wait…

Still, I ain’t complaining. Because this just means I’ll have something to laugh at every year.