A is for Airconditioning

It’s 28C in Dillistan right now, a couple of hours after the sun has set.

And I can hear my neighbours running their air conditioners.

It’s been a hot day, admittedly, peaking at around 34C.  And when the days are long, and the skies cloudless, and as the poorly constructed buildings of this city slowly begin to bake, it’s understandable for people to want to feel cool.


It’s been this hot for just two days.  Two days, not three weeks. And it’s been breezy.

Thanks to unseasonal weather, there have been thunderstorms and light showers and cloudy days at least once a week for the past three months, which have helped keep the temperatures mercifully down.  The rains have been the third-most talked-about subject in this part of the world (after the upcoming elections and the state of the economy), not least because of the damage they’ve done to the winter crop and the impact that development is likely to have on everybody’s wallets in a few months.

There have been copious comparisons with the polar vortex in North America, the floods in Europe, the typhoons all over Asia.  Comparisons that have been brought into greater focus by the release of the IPCC report on climate change and its expected impact on the world.  Much hand-wringing despair and fatalistic acceptance has happened. Much talk about rainwater harvesting and regular Earth Hours and planting saplings and food security and water wars has happened.  Much, much promises have been made.

And today, on the second straight day that temperatures have reached (and stayed at) 34C, people have airconditioners on.  Airconditioners*. Despite it being so breezy that I don’t even have the fan on in my house!

Start building your arks, people.


* And no, these houses do not have pets, or babies, or elderly people.

4 thoughts on “A is for Airconditioning

  1. In Gurgaon, they started a few days before Holi! This obsession with artificial heating and cooling baffles me too

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